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School of Martial Arts & Fitness


I wanted to introduce a weight loss program that would get FAST results that were typical of the average person. I can't stand seeing the words under a great transformation picture-"results not typical"- I was striving for a program that can be used by anyone. After losing the weight, it is of the utmost importance to maintain that weight loss. I have that program!! and It's EASY to understand!

Here is a quick look at the program:

You choose foods from 4 different food groups, eat six times a day, and the workouts deliver the toning and muscle the body needs to burn more calories at rest. This program is designed to raise the metabolism as high as possible for a maximum fat burn mode in the body and total maintenance when ideal weight is met. There is absolutely no starving involved or allowed. To keep matabolism up, you eat more often!

We also need to clean up some of our eating habits one day at a time.This program levels out sugar and cuts out processed foods,eliminating the daily sugar spikes and crashes that rob us of a good working metabolism. You will feel and look better after this program!! Results should last a lifetime as this is a life changing transformation. Come in for a FREE consultation to get a better understanding of how this program works.

Call 964-5372 today, to start getting results tomorrow

Here are some of my program's "TYPICAL" results:

5 lbs. in 10 days ------10 lbs 10 days-----15lbs in 30 days----20.2lbs 2 months----24lbs 6 weeks!!!-----

There are many more .......

Two young ladies came to me in the beginning of 2009, February, and began the Incredible Shrinking Woman program.

One woman went from a size 18 to a size 7!!!

The other has lost over 60 lbs!!!!

They are both continuing the program and look absolutey fantastic.

Staying with our program for ONE YEAR-MALIA NELSON-

Lost over 100 lbs-

From November 17th 2008 to November 17th 2009 she lost an incredible 105 lbs.!!!!!, a life changing accomplishment and proof that anyone can do this with the right attitude and the commitment to change. This program runs in 10 day increments.

Do you have 10 days?

 Can you commit to something truly amazing for a mere 10 days? You can achieve a strong, toned functional body in a reasonably fast amount of time. Think back to one year ago. Can you imagine being 25 lbs lighter by now? How about 50 or even 100lbs lighter, and much stronger, with muscle tone that adds feminine curves to the body. 

*Can you imagine a nice tight butt?

Look at the before and after pics at the tab above left.^ Here are a few more examples of the positive results we are getting right now.

Tabitha Regalia by 11 weeks had a 35 lb weight loss with a five pound muscle gain! This client went from 36% body fat to a fit 19.4% body fat. She went from a size 14 to a size 6!!!!! Lost 7 inches off her waist. Not only is this impressive, the results are REAL, TRUE and CHARTED for you to see. Since September all of my current weight loss clients are either maintaining their weight loss or continuing on to to their goal weight.

Another client lost 63 lbs. since February, and an impressive young lady lost 70 lbs since June!  

(We have many more at BEFORE and AFTER tab at the top of this page).

With results like these, why not do the program and forget about crazy diets, liposuction, bypass surgery

My Personal Training rates are competitive and the results are charted and proven for you.

You can use our programs for a 10 to 25lb weight loss in the beginning of 2011 or continue on to lose more. 

Get started now!

Please take advantage of these offers and become one of the many success stories here at Jordon Studio.

Check out the before and after pictures on the tab above.

See you soon! Or call 964-5372