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Weight loss and fitness tips - Easy, Do- able Today, Really!

Posted on September 6, 2018 at 7:36 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am in the body transformation business.  I am a Precision Nutrition Coach Pn1, and proud to be a part of such an innovative online coaching business.  We specialize in Sports Nutrition.  So how the most nutrient dense foods can help you perform optimally or how to get the best results in your own individual time with your unique body and genetics taken into consideration.  so we use science based, proven techniques to inspire a real body transformation that will last you your lifetime, which I am sure will be long and robust in a vibrant body with just a few new and easy habits to develop.
We make the baby steps doable. I want to gift you a few important habits that I hope you take to heart, because really, it is about opening your heart and loving who you are.

Firstly- develop the habit of drinking 8-10 cups of filtered water during your day.  Have a 1/2 to whole lemon juiced into the glasses. So 1/2 lemon spread through the 10 cups. The lemon alkalizes the body on the inside - pretty cool right? It helps to keep the body's pH more alkaline so the body does not have to rob the calcium from bones and teeth.  
Secondly- First meal Drink a green smoothie and always rotate the greens.  I have a bullet and it makes a smooth smoothie. 1 pear 1 stalk of celery, 2 Cups of spinach, chard, kale, romaine, baby greens etc. of choice, 1/2 cup of berries and filtered water to consistency you like.  Squeeze of lemon.  Yes you can change it all up but try to stick to berries, pear or apple. This is also alkalizing and adds some prebiotics to feed your micro biome-the powerhouse to your immune system- You are now avoiding inflammation in the body- the root cause of all disease- Yes, that is right. Try this 2 times a week about 12 oz. and work up to 5 times a week or even 7!

There, just doing that will help improve your health and your attitude by quite a lot.  Of course I am not a doctor and if you are under a Doctor's care or on medication you must speak to your doctor for permission to make a change in your diet.  But this is just food and water.  Very simple.

Move a little more.  Get the fitbit and go for 10,000 steps or just take the stairs and get out of the chair and do something, even if it's just walking with knee highs or jumping jacks. Do some push ups against a wall.  Move- Sitting is the new smoking and obese related illnesses are at epidemic levels.

Cut back on soda, added sugar and refined carbs.  Just cut back- no big deal.  Above gives you most of the vegetables and fiber you need in a day. 

My results have been phenomenal in my 10 years as a body transformation coach and I want to share my expertise with you to help you achieve your goals as well.  I am constantly growing and changing to fit individual needs.  My clients help me to be a better coach.

I'll post every week now.  I commit to you and my blog-FINALLY!!


Jeanine Jordon- Founder of Body by Jordon 12 week program
and Pro Coach for Group Trainings and individual training
Owner of Jordon Studio Fort Bragg Ca.

Categories: Body Transformation from the Inside Out

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