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Start Today

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 2:23 PM
Hi Everyone!
All held up by details of how to get started on a new exercise program? Or restarting an old one?  Doing is so much more powerful than over thinking and waiting to be fully prepared.  Don't think, just go for a walk or jog.  Do that old exercise DVD.  It was a best seller for a reason! 
   I'm starting a new exercise program today.  It lasts 15 minutes.  That's it.  Also incorporating the ketogenic diet but adapted to my lifestyle. That is how my clients are going to do it too.  I am using intermittent fasting as I have talked about- Dr. Jason Fung's book-Complete Guide To Fasting- is very very good for understanding these processes.  
  Here is what we are doing today. Just in case you are wondering about how others are getting started on a system that includes meditation (down the road a little) nutrition and exercise.

Our Day:
First thing 8 oz lemon water. Second 5:45 am. Bullet Proof coffee(look up on youtube)
 9 am - Running a 30 ft. dune at the beach( 15 minutes on dunes),  all sorts of ways.  Backward, relays, straight up the side, making it fun! 
  Then,10:45 am. some jerky by country Archer, grass fed beef, 1 oz. 
 Making a broccoli cheese soup for lunch at 11:45 am. Coconut Cream, cheese and broccoli,
Some onion and spices- yummm!

 Next meal bone broth or just chicken broth 1 cup. 

 Dinner will be pork ribs made with my homemade bbq sauce and lakanto for the sweetener - non gmo, no calories, no sugar spikes- and grilled or fried zucchini with a salad. 

 And I try not to let anything or anyone get under my skin all day, and when I  get really good at it, I get the big challenges without all the drama of fight or flight emotions that would torment me and hopefully earn bigger rewards. 

It's a skill I'm constantly working on ( meditation has been huge) and actually making progress! From rude drivers to forgotten bills, to errands I don't like to do.  Just let it go, live in the moment. Focus on what you want.  Where's by Black Jeep Grand Cherokee by the way, Law of Attraction? Kidding. OTW

Just A Glimpse of a day into our wellness world.
Hope you have a wonderful Day!

Categories: Health and wellness

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