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Posted on October 10, 2013 at 4:13 PM
  Motivation to get started on some sort of weight loss or nutrition program can be tough.  Especially about the 3rd week in.  You've probably experienced the New Year's resolution excitement to frustration or seen it at the gyms as the huge crowds disappear by the end of the month instead of the end of the year.  May I suggest a few DVD's that can be streamed from Netflix or rented?  The Beautiful Truth,  Forks over Knives and the Extended Forks Over Knives, Hungry for Change, Vegucation, The Gerson Miracle.  Just one of these should motivate you to do one great thing to enhance your health right now.  
  You can give your body the life it deserves just by eating more vegetables and having a green smoothie or homemade juice everyday.  Huge improvements in little things like energy, insomnia, irritability, skin color, dull hair or think about the big differences like lower cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar, arthritis getting better, all degenerative diseases halted or reversed in some cases.   If you do not cherish your body and you eat the western diet- meat, dairy, processed foods and sugar based food then you will eventually get sick.  The lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet really mean that you do not have the nutrients your body needs to heal itself or even just to nourish itself.  Which it can do at a very high level with the right nutrients.  It's miraculous!  Just watch one of the DVD's I have suggested and then research further if you need more proof.  The proof is out there you just have to know where to look!
check out the Body by Jordon contest for more motivation and a true transformation here at my studio. 964-5372 until next time To Your Good Health

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Motivation to begin on a weight reduction or nourishment project might be intense. You've likely encountered the New Year's determination energy to dissatisfaction or seen it at the rec centers as the colossal swarms vanish by the closure of the month rather than the finish of the year.
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